Life Skills Training Wesfleur


In support of the 16 Days of Youth campaign hosted by the radio station Heart 104.9, HCC took this wonderful opportunity to “give back” to the community of Atlantis on the West Coast. The need for day to day coping mechanism was mutually identified, hence the offering of a fully customised delivery of a free 2-day Life Skills Training Workshop for 50 parents of Wesfleur Primary School.

In response to our commitment in promoting growth and excellence for all, a highly interactive soft skills outcomes base programme was rolled out at Wesfleur Primary School in Atlantis on 13th, 14th and 20th September 2017.

The programme, an integrated approach that promotes and encourages personal development, positive health, building strong and lasting relationships and teaching the benefits of working well with money matters.

Furthermore, the programme seeked to help delegates to become more insightful and to gain emotional wisdom to respond to everyday challenges.

Delegate Comment Extract:

“My life has been changed, inspired and redirected in so many ways through such excellent, informative, positive, inspiring training. Samantha was at her best, she facilitates excellently and the slides shown made me think twice about life. The jar demonstration is where I am in my life and it opened up my mind to be the best I can be. It is well to have continuous training like this to meet the needs of parents and to build better lives, families and communities.”

[Feedback on training from Wesfleur Primary School Parent]

First Aid Wesfleur

First Aid Training Course for 60 Teachers of Wesfleur Primary School:

The first HCC First Aid Training Intervention took place on 19th and 26th August 2017 for 60 teachers of Wesfleur Primary School in Atlantis.

The aim of the intervention is to assist educators and caretakers with emergency protocols (what, when and how) that need to be followed to ensure correct and legal first aid is given when responding to any emergency situation and to ensure they can administer the essential lifesaving -skills required.  In the main, these skills can be applied within the work environment and the community to potentially minimise life-threatening injuries or fatalities.

The course provides hands – on practice in the skill of First Aid for adults and children including CPR, Choking, injuries, emergency management and many more.