To be the Training and Development Service Provider of choice Nationally in South Africa.


To change the lives and increase performances of all stakeholders through our high-quality training and development services.


· Authenticity and care with all engagements
· Maintain and retain mutually respected relationships
· Going the extra mile and demonstrating passion at all times
· Assume positive intent with all interactions
· Provide customised learning and development solutions
· Keep delivery relevant and meaningful
· Allow for fun and humour during learning
· Caring and growing our employees for all round excellence
· Diligence and meeting objectives at all times


· Integrity
· Passion
· Customer Focus
· Growth and Sustainability
· Reliability and Accountability
· Commitment and Drive
· Invaluable Partnering


The subject matter was very thought provoking. It made me identify certain things I do and how to improve. I enjoyed the team exercises and think more should be included to keep everyone energized. I really enjoyed the conversational style of the workshop.
Personal Productivity Training – Twizza

I enjoyed the training, it helped with planning your day and how to deal with procrastination. I will definitely implement it and I am sure it will make a difference.
Personal Productivity Training – Elcarbo Industrial Supplies

The training was great and the facilitator gave us the time to comment and share.
Life Skills Training Workshop – Simba

It doesn’t only improve our skill in a work environment but also in our personal lives and in our own individual capacities. I learned quite a lot in this programme which is now going to be valuable in my current job that I am doing.
Life Skills Training Workshop – Simba

The training was good, informative and very entertaining. It will add value in our lives. We are happy with what we have gained.
Life Skills Training Workshop – Simba

This training is unique, it is one of the best training we have had or ever had at Simba. The lessons learned is very resourceful in our life, it will have a positive impact both in our lives and Simba as a brand. Thank you HCC and Simba for this important lessons you gave us.
Life Skills Training Workshop – Simba

Really enjoyed the training and the way Yusuf presented it. Made me realise once again why I enjoy labour law.
Collective Bargaining Training – KraftHeinz